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Loan Professional

An all-inclusive Consumer Loan software and Private Lending software package. Our LoanPro products include origination and accounting software for Signature Loans, Payday Loans, Mortgage Loans, Title Loans, CAB Loans, and software for most Secured and Unsecured loan types. Our loan origination system makes the lending process simple – it does the heavy lifting and makes you money!

  • Fully consolidated or local database options available
  • Electronic loan origination and servicing options: e_signatures, online payment processing, direct funding options and much more
  • In-house Text Messaging service. Flat monthly fee + the cost of texts. No long term commitment, no buying blocks of texts. Only pay for what you use.
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Application Professional

Application Professional is a loan application management system that improves your loan approval process. The FSS ApPro systems is available for all of our loan origination and accounting products.

  • Easily manage thousands of applications
  • Utilize decision making tools like income to debt ratio calculators
  • Applications are kept separate from the borrower database until approved, then electronically imported
  • Saves extensive banking, housing, employment, income, and bankruptcy information
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General Ledger

A customizable general ledger accounting program to generate financial reports. Sometimes there’s more to your company than just the loan office. The general ledger program allows you to run combined financial reports, giving you the whole picture. Our integrated ledger accounting software delivers.

  • Tracks all aspects of your business, not just your Loan offices
  • Generate easy to understand Financial Statements and Balance sheets
  • Uses your existing chart of accounts, and generates detailed ledger posting and journal entry reports for your CPA
  • Combined accounting for all of your businesses
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Home Office Supervision

Our Home Office software compiles a kaleidoscope of loan information from multiple locations, and presents it in a unified data set. This software is a must for multi-office companies, combining data from all locations into the report formats you’re already used to reading at the branch level. Open the Home Office supervision program first thing each morning, and watch your business grow.

  • Allows you to run numerous combined reports, gathering data from all of your locations
  • Run company-wide borrower notifications and solicitations
  • Combined Reporting tools
  • Fraud Prevention
  • All your data saved to a dedicated Dell Server in our secure server storage area

Request a Demo

Ready to streamline your Lending Business? Our customer service representatives are standing by to help you find the software best-suited for your needs!

Request a Demo

Ready to streamline your Lending Business? Our customer service representatives are standing by to help you find the software best-suited for your needs!

Fast, Friendly Technical Support

Because we are committed to providing the best possible support, each month we survey our customers and ask them to grade us on our service.  We share the results here.

We ask our customers to score us in the following categories: Friendliness/Courteousness, support technician Knowledge, and how well their support technician listened to, and answered their questions (Attentiveness). We also track our support department’s responsiveness by documenting if the customer’s support call was answered immediately, or if it was placed in the queue for a call back. We also track how long it took to receive a return call for those placed in the queue.

We’re serious about service. Don’t forget to visit us at https://www.facebook.com/WeMakeUMoney

November 2022 Survey Results

Top score for support staff Friendliness0%
Top score for support staff Knowledge0%
Top score for support staff Attentivenes0%
Support Calls - No Wait Time0%
Support Calls placed in Call-Back Queue0%
Call-back wait time less than 10 minutes0%