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FSS provides industry-leading integrations and features for consumer lenders. Whether you have one office, or hundreds, we will provide the perfect configuration to fit your needs. Our LPX software offers cloud-based solutions by integrating the Microsoft Azure platform. Our LoanPro software is a traditional desktop system that houses your data locally.

The LPX Product

Loan Professional 10, or LPX, is the newest version of our loan origination and accounting system. LPX takes advantage of the unparalleled security and compliance benefits that are built into the MS Azure environment, and harnesses its scalability and associated Microsoft services to provide a true 21st century solution for your business.

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Financial Software Systems, Inc is a Microsoft Cloud Partner. Our LPX loan origination and management system takes advantage of the unparalleled security and compliance benefits that are built into the MS Azure environment. 

Microsoft Azure and related cloud services undergo rigorous independent third-party audits conducted by reputable certified public accountant firms. By providing the LPX solution for housing data and applications in the Azure environment, we continue our decades long commitment to the safety and security of our customers’ data.

Consolidated Database.

Hosting the data and applications in the Cloud offers the convenience of a Consolidated Database, which provides up to the minute access to all of your customer data from one location. LPX allows your staff to access borrower data for any branch office, regardless of which office they work in, based on the access you assign them. 

We love FSS and our loans have never been so profitable. Their software is easy to use and integrate. We will always use Financial Software Solutions products in our business.

Imports Web Leads and Applications Seamlessly

LPX allows you to automatically import your web leads and applications from your company website. When a lead is imported, LPX creates a borrower record automatically. In a call center environment, applications may be vetted as much or as little as you wish, and then may be assigned to a branch office for further verification and approval.

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