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From the earliest DOS based versions of our software in the early 1980s, FSS has continually incorporated new technology and added new functionality to keep pace with the evolving consumer lending landscape. All of our cornerstone features are available in both systems. Both programs are designed to keep you competitive.

Local or Cloud-based data management options

FSS can accommodate customers who wish to take advantage of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, or retain all data on their local servers.

In-House Texting service

Unlike other texting service providers who require their customers to purchase blocks of text, or a minimum number of envelopes in advance, FSS uses a pay as you go model. LPX and LoanPro eliminate the need to partner with a third-party text messaging servicer. 

Electronic Signatures

Taking advantage of partnerships with a collection of third-party vendors, LPX accommodates Electronic Signatures. E-signatures, combined with online applications and Instant Funding options provide you the capability to make loans without your borrower ever having to leave their home if you wish. Today’s borrowers have plenty of options to choose from when getting a loan. Research suggests that they are more likely to choose the option that is the most convenient.

We love FSS and our loans have never been so profitable. Their software is easy to use and integrate. We will always use Financial Software Solutions products in our business.

Instant Funding

In addition to the convenience of E-signatures, FSS allows you to post borrower loan proceeds directly to their debit card using the Instant Funding options. Our software also allows you to post collections on site, or remotely (with or without a convenience fee) using the borrower’s debit card. 

Multiple Loan Types

All of our products support a wide variety of loan types and loan laws. FSS customers make everything from Post-Dated check loans, to Mortgage loans, and everything in between throughout the United States. 

Integrated General Ledger

Both LPX and LoanPro come with an integrated general ledger accounting system. You don’t have to export journal entries created in your loan management software and import them into your accounting software to get up to date reports.

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