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Providing the best custom software and world-class support for the loan industry

We are your business partner for custom software.

Meet the business partner that puts your mind at ease and makes you money by creating custom software solutions that fit your specific needs. We understand the consumer lending business is in a state of constant evolution, and you must adapt if you wish to stay in the game. Changes to
State and Federal regulations, economic ebb and flow, technological advances, and the demands of borrowers for convenience all impact your company’s success. FSS is here to evolve alongside you, as we provide the tools to successfully adapt to challenges and accommodate new trends.

We believe relationships supersede business.

We are customer-oriented and empathetic. FSS believes the relationships with our clients are our most valued commodity, and so we place a premium on collaboration and honesty. We ask questions, and we tell it like it is. After decades of experience, we are convinced a shared investment in achievement and creative thinking are the foundation for all success in business. We are in this together.

Consumer loans, payday loans, deferred deposit, deferred presentment, secured loans, unsecured loans, CAB loans, title loans

We operate and innovate as part of an extensive lending community.

We work closely with a broad community of lenders, service providers, state agencies, and associations across the US as well as overseas. Our collective experience and imagination allow us to find solutions to even the most daunting challenges facing consumer lenders. We invite only those
individuals that are committed to service to be on our team at FSS. For this reason, our customers have the confidence that comes
from doing business with a motivated and friendly support staff. Our customers can trust that our developers are continually incorporating new technology and applying imaginative solutions to problems.

Our legacy: Making lending simple and profitable for clients.

FSS started in 1982 with two simple ideas: to make consumer lending easier, and to help lenders maximize profit. Back then, computers were new, ledger cards were everywhere, loans were calculated manually, and contracts were completed on typewriters. We have come a long way from those first days selling a DOS program door to door in south Texas.

Today we provide local and cloud-based options for companies across the US. Our history means we have our finger on the pulse of the consumer loan industry. Our company has grown and evolved alongside our customers, providing solutions and sharing in their success along the way. We are a family company, and share the same values of hard work and determination that built our customers’ businesses.

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