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Providing the best custom software and world-class support for the loan industry

Who We Are

FSS has been providing the best custom software, along with uninterrupted, world class support to thousands of companies in the loan industry since our beginning in 1982. Name a loan product, and we have a solution: installment, payday, title, pre-calculated, simple interest, all kinds of prepaid and postpaid fees and insurances. We also provide custom hardware and networking solutions to fit your specific needs.

Why We’re Here

Our one and only goal is to partner with you and provide solutions to your company’s needs. We have no vested interest in any lending institution. We are not your competition! What we do is provide you with the software, hardware, and network products you need to get your office up and going, keep it running smoothly, and most importantly, making you money! Choosing FSS will be one of the best business decisions you ever make.

Consumer loans, payday loans, deferred deposit, deferred presentment, secured loans, unsecured loans, CAB loans, title loans

We Can Help You Make More Money!

Our loan accounting software suite is the product of 30 years of working closely with loan companies throughout the country. This means our software is continually evolving as we add new functionality, often at the request of our customers in the loan industry.

This cooperation with our customers has produced the current LoanProfessional, a loan origination and accounting software designed from top to bottom to maximize profit.

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