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Loan Professional, or LoanPro is our legacy system. LoanPro is an all-inclusive consumer lending software package. 

LoanPro includes all the advances made in recent years to simplify and streamline the lending process, including E-signatures, Instant Funding, integrated ACH payment processing, and Text Messaging options. LoanPro also comes with an integrated General Ledger accounting program. 

Decades of Development.

Our LoanPro system is the culmination of nearly 40 years in the consumer lending industry. LoanPro includes origination and accounting software for Signature Loans, Payday Loans, Mortgage Loans, Title Loans, CAB Loans, and most other Secured and Unsecured loan types. Our LoanPro system makes the lending process simple – it does the heavy lifting and makes you money!

Home Office Supervision.

LoanPro comes with our Home Office software system. In the LoanPro environment, branch office data is transferred nightly to dedicated servers housed in a secure server room here at FSS. 

Unlike LPX, branch office data is not accessible in real-time, but the Home Office program allows supervisors access to a number of important features, using data from the previous night’s close. The features include: 

  • Combined loan transaction reports as well as consolidated financial statements
  • Company-wide borrower notifications and solicitations
  • Loan verification notices and other fraud prevention options

We love FSS and our loans have never been so profitable. Their software is easy to use and integrate. We will always use Financial Software Solutions products in our business.

Not Dependent on the Internet

Unlike LPX, which saves software applications and borrower data in the Cloud, LoanPro is installed on the local server, along with all borrower data. Since the software and all the data is saved on the branch computer, LoanPro will continue to run even if your internet connection is down for up to 10 days. Although certain functions that depend on the internet may be interrupted (e-signatures, texting, etc.), the basic loan origination and accounting system remains unaffected. You can still make loans, renew loans, post collections, and process most other loan transactions as normal.

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