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Louisiana Small Loan Act & Consumer Credit Loan Software

Just because you’re making loans in Louisiana doesn’t mean you’re making money. FSS has the products and support to make sure you’re maximizing your investment and your profit making Consumer Credit loans.

Louisiana closely regulates loans made under the Louisiana Small Loan Act and Consumer Credit Loan Law. Our Loan Professional software is designed to navigate this statutory landscape, and take the guesswork out of booking and servicing secured and unsecured Installment loans, Motor Vehicle loans, and Real Estate loans in Louisiana.

Make the smart choice for your Louisiana Small Loan Act business and contact FSS. We’re ready to provide solutions and support designed to make you money. Check out our Facebook page to learn more about our culture @

FSS started in 1982 with two simple ideas: to make consumer lending easier, and to help lenders maximize profit. Back then, computers were new, ledger cards were everywhere, loans were calculated manually, and contracts were completed on typewriters. From those first days selling a DOS program door to door, to providing 21st century software for Louisiana Small Loan Act lenders, we have had our finger on the pulse of the consumer loan industry. We grow and evolve alongside our customers, providing solutions and sharing in their success. We are a family company, and share the same values of hard work and determination that built our customers’ businesses.

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