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Texas: Software Solutions for Finance Code 342E, and 342F Lenders

Making Texas consumer loans in 2021 can be complicated without the right software. FSS has solutions designed specifically for your business in the age of COVID with electronic loan origination and servicing otions.

Texas closely regulates all aspects of booking and servicing loans made under Texas Finance Code 342E, and 342F. All loan charges and fees, insurances, late charges, legal fees, and refund calculations are subject to Texas regulation. Our LoanProfessional software is designed to navigate this statutory landscape, and take the question marks out of Texas installment loan lending.

We offer fully electronic loan origination and servicing. Take advantage E-contracts, Online Payment processing, and direct funding. Don’t go into the business of lending in Texas all alone. Invite FSS to be your partner. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years, and we’re ready to help you make you money.

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