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Our easy to use Loan Management Software and Integrated products will streamline office operations, providing fast and reliable service to your customers, increasing staff productivity, and maximizing profits for you!

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Loan Professional

An all-inclusive loan origination and accounting system. Our software makes the lending process simple - it does the heavy lifting and makes you money!

  • Take advantage of our famous “Work Accounts” screens to eliminate delinquency
  • Use the automated solicitations functions to stay in contact with your borrowers
  • Automate your ACH payments and returns
  • Monitor everything that happens in your office through our extensive security reporting
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Application Professional

Application Professional is a loan application management system that improves your loan approval process.

  • Easily manage thousands of applications
  • Utilize decision making tools like income to debt ratio calculators
  • Applications are kept separate from the borrower database until approved, then electronically imported
  • Saves extensive banking, housing, employment, income, and bankruptcy information
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General Ledger

A customizable general ledger accounting program to generate financial reports. Our integrated ledger accounting software delivers.

  • Tracks all aspects of your business, not just your Loan offices
  • Generate easy to understand Financial Statements and Balance sheets
  • Uses your existing chart of accounts, and generates detailed ledger posting and journal entry reports for your CPA
  • Combined accounting for all of your businesses
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financial software systems software box mockup with Home Office Supervision software

Home Office Supervision

Our Home Office software compiles a kaleidoscope of loan information from multiple locations, and presents it in a unified data set

  • Allows you to run numerous combined reports, gathering data from all of your locations
  • Run company-wide borrower notifications and solicitations
  • Combined Reporting tools
  • Fraud Prevention
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